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Desta Rhodesian Ridgebacks is a small hobby kennel located in Southern Idaho, we are members in good standing with the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States (RRCUS) and our local Kennel Club and Performance Clubs. We are dedicated to abiding by the RRCUS Code of Ethics and are actively dedicated to preservation breeding; this includes only breeding sires and dams that possess the best examples of type, structure, health and temperament. It is our goal to produce the best examples of premier Rhodesian Ridgebacks who are healthy and sound that families will enjoy for many years. Our Ridgebacks are first and foremost loved pets that are given every opportunity to excel in any area of performance they show an aptitude for.

Desta Rhodesian Ridgebacks acquired our first Ridgeback in February 2001, a very happy male puppy we eventually named Tuvok. When deciding on the registered name of Tuvok, we wanted to choose a name that embodied the vibrant and happy puppy that filled our home with so much joy. We settled on using the name 'Desta' in his registered name, being an African name that means happy or joy, it was fitting to his radiating happiness. Since that time, all of my dogs have had Desta in their registered name, from there it was a natural fit for our kennel name.

Desta Ridgebacks have excelled in the Conformation Ring, Lure Coursing, Obedience and Rally, and Therapy Dog work which requires dogs with the very best temperaments. We currently have two puppies that are being trained for Service Dog work as well. Please take some time to visit the pages below for more information.

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