Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States

Breeding Information

Cost of Raising a Litter - An insight into the costs that are generally accumulated in raising a responsibly bred litter of puppies.

Attributes of a Responsible Breeder - An article written to help you spot the differences between a Puppy Mill or Backyard Breeder and a Responsible Breeder.

How to Kill A Shelter Dog - There's a lot of misinformation out there about good and bad breeders. This article really speaks volumes about the vast difference between them and how to tell them apart paired with the link above.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Information

 Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue - Club supported rescue group. This page has a wonderful section titled "Things to Know Before You Bring a Rhodesian Ridgeback Into Your Life"

Etosha Rescue & Adoption Center - Established in 1988 by a Ridgeback enthusiast. Etosha operates mainly in Texas due to the many puppy mills there, but has volunteers and does adoptions nationwide.

Ridgeback Trust, Inc. (RTI) - This organization works hand-in-hand with Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue in getting Ridgebacks out of puppy mills. Check out their rescue store - a must!

Ridgeback Rescue of the United States (RRUS)
Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue of Northern California
Ridgebacks & Friends Rescue - Focuses on Ridgeback mixes needing rescue and placement.
Colorado Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue 

Health & Food Information

 Make your own Probiotics! - This is a blog post I did back in 2012. I've been making my own probiotics for years, it's much easier than you think, cheaper and higher quality than the products you can buy in stores.

2017 CANINE VACCINATION PROTOCOL - W. JEAN DODDS, DVM - Up to date information about canine vaccinations! Over-vaccinating your pet is extremely dangerous and can cause many diseased and behavioral issues.

How Xylitol is Dangerous for Dogs - This is a common ingredient in many items that are consumed by humans. It's highly toxic to dogs.

Fit or Fat? - The recipe for an overweight Ridgeback contains just one ingredient: Opportunity. This is a great article put out by the breed club about how to keep your Ridgeback at breed appropriate weight. My rule of thumb is that their ribs should feel like the back of your hand. Analysis of over 2,200 Pet Foods - Of the over 2,200 pet foods analyzed, only 119 were found to be satisfactory!

Dog Food Advisor - wonderful resource on pet foods. All known pet foods are ranked and graded based on their ingredients and quality.

Dog Food Analysis - Similar to Dog Food Advisor, I like checking both sites when researching quality pet foods. 

My Favorite Dog Products!

Really nice dog products can be really difficult to find. These are the tried and true products I would recommend to anyone!

Real Meat Treats - Make in the USA, minimal ingredients and oh so yummy!

Kuranda Dog Beds - High-Quality, durable dog beds. These are great and favorites of my dogs.

SCOE10X (Super Concentrated Odor Eliminator) - Do yourself and just don't waste your money on Nature's Miracle. Nature's Miracle is not the same formula is was years ago, a different company now owns the patent on the original formula. SCOE10X makes Nature's Miracle looks like water.

Sexy Beast Dog Collars - Home made collars made by a dear friend. She uses only the finest, high-quality materials and is so creative, her choices are endless and craftsmanship is impeccable! Don't be duped, other people commonly use lightweight or inferior products.

Gear To Go, Inc - I absolutely adore the Braided Bullhide Leashes that Dean sells. They are hands down my favorites out of all my dog walking gear! Natural leather is much nicer to your dog and your hands than synthetic materials.

Boomerang Tags - Great pet tags! My favorite ones are the stainless steel, you can engrave both sides.

Resources & Information


Whole Dog Journal - A really wonderful publication that focuses on overall common sense canine health, nutrition and training information. They have a nice holistic approach that is very reasonable. You can subscribe to just online or get their monthly newsletters in the mail as well. Very reasonably priced as well!

Rescued by Black Boy: how a neglected dog set me back on my path, away from PETA - A whistle-blower blog entry from a former employee of PETA. She exposes how PETA euthanizes the majority of dogs they get their hands on, a great number of which are stolen.

WHISTLEBLOWER: PETA Ex-Employee Alleges She Was Encouraged to Steal and Kill Pets, and to Falsify Records - Huffington Post article referencing the blog entry above from Heather Harper-Troje, a former PETA employee that bravely came out in February 2015 and exposed the organization she used to work for.